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We offer exterior sunshades and interior light shelves that work in tandem to redirect natural light onto the ceiling and reach deeper into the building while reducing window glare. Exterior options include extruded aluminum formed in horizontal, vertical, and perforated patterns and designs.


Skylights serve many purposes. They let natural light in, and when vented, can enhance airflow and circulation to reduce heating, cooling, and energy costs. We represent the full spectrum of skylights and have partners capable of manufacturing these features for the most demanding applications.


Glass handrails can be integrated into interior and exterior applications. They are available in a number of colors, patterns, and finishes, both framed and unframed.

Architectural Louvers

Whether your design calls for simple or straightforward louvers, or those with custom-fabricated features and specialty grilles, we will work with you to develop and implement practical solutions. We represent the industry’s leaders and have experience with expansive systems that enhance the design and function of every project.