Wall always goes above and beyond, before, during, and after construction. Our value-added services are how we help you achieve the best possible results throughout planning, construction, and ongoing building operations.

Design Assistance

Our expertise is available free-of-charge to help architects successfully transition their projects from blueprint to job site. This partnership allows us to ensure structural integrity and design feasibility, while understanding objectives and dimensions. Following this consultation, we identify appropriate standards and performance requirements, and help gain efficiencies through materials pricing and procurement.

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Value Engineering

Value engineering happens in the very beginning to help our partners achieve an ideal outcome. We work to understand objectives, evaluate options, identify materials, and develop an implementation plan to achieve the vision efficiently and cost-effectively.

Project Management

Our dedicated team of project managers remains committed to the success of each project from start to finish. They involve themselves early and regularly, supporting our team, our partners, and ultimately the success of each and every project. They also hold weekly meetings with all team members to advance schedules, objectives, and expectations.


Looking to achieve LEED certification, gain energy efficiency, or improve the safety and security of your structure by integrating blast or hurricane resistant glass? Our restoration services can help you realize your goals. Following a thorough site review, we develop a detailed plan that includes schedules, materials, and associated costs for review, approval, and implementation. We dedicate ourselves to making the process as seamless as possible.